Connecting with God

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March 7th – April 25th

Do you feel like your life has untapped potential? Like there is more to be had; from your relationships, from your job, from your health? Do you believe God has more for you, and you’re unsure why it’s not happening right here, right now?

We know how life can get busy, making it hard to find time to connect deeply with God. Even when we do, it is often filled with distraction. In the end, the longing for something more meaningful remains. We know this, we’ve felt this, we experience this, which is why we created this 8 week online experience to help you focus, creating space to hear God’s voice, and grow deeper in your relationship with God.

Everything we need can be found when we engage with God. Jesus demonstrated this perfectly, as He was always “walking” with His father. When we walk with God, it causes our lives to overflow with meaning and purpose. Through guided times of meditation on biblical truths, and participating in group discussions, you will gain greater awareness of God’s constant presence, discovering His dream for your life.

Connecting with God, our eight week, online experience, helping you grow in your relationship with God, begins March 7th. Details below.

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What to Expect

Each of the eight 90 minute online sessions will be spent taking time to taste and see that God is good. This is not simply a course where we learn about God, those are good. This is a space designed to experience God, as we value the presence of Holy Spirit. Rooted in the word of God we will pursue topics that are vital to thrive in our relationship with Him. There will be times of meditation, practical application, as well as group discussion. Small assignments are given each week to help you continue to grow. 

Who is it For ?

This online experience is designed for any believer who wants to grow and thrive in their relationship with God. It is one thing to know about God, it is another thing to experience Him.

What Will You Take Away?

  • A greater connection in your relationship with God.
  • Clarity on the things that matter in a believers life.
  • Not just knowledge, but practical application of topics covered.
  • Encouragement that comes when believers pursue God together.

Topics will include:

  • Going deeper in hearing God’s voice 
  • Why prayer matters
  • The beauty and worth of God 
  • Living a life of worship 
  • Discovering God’s dream for you


  • Eight 90 minute sessions – Online via Zoom
  • March 7th – April 25th – Tuesdays 4:30pm PST 
  • $179 CAD per person
  • Recordings will be sent out each week if you miss a session. 
  • Email us with any questions at