Seasons of Transformation

It felt like spring was breaking through in Huntington Beach’s Central Park as we found ourselves in its “Secret Garden.” Fresh blossoms were starting to release a delightfully sweet fragrance, and as we walked through the garden I noticed a few different flowers beginning to bloom. These winding little paths must be stunning when the flowers come out in their full glory.

This got me thinking about seasons, and timing; specifically God’s timing. It’s so easy to see the beauty of a flower in full bloom, especially an entire field of flowers. It’s another thing however, to see everything that went into creating that moment of beauty. The flower is glamorous, but what about all the other stages it went through?

Embrace the Mundane

What are the seasons of transformation? Flowers, like so many things in life, go through different stages before becoming what we value greatly. The humble seed with its germination, growth, pollination, reproduction and seed spreading stages are great examples. I believe we too go through different seasons towards our becoming something of great value.

It is easy to love blooming; being revealed in the full glory of transformation. Is it also possible to embrace each of the other seasons we go through as equally beautiful and valuable?

As I walked through the Secret Garden I was drawn to admire those plants that had not yet bloomed. I began to see the beauty before the bloom.

California Super Bloom

We were in the right place at the right time to experience the California Poppy super bloom of 2019. Usually happening about once every 10 years, these poppies have had two super blooms in the past three years. It was stunning to walk through the hillside overtaken with poppies. So much abundance and beauty in one place, God really is the greatest artist.

So how does a super bloom happen? What leads up to it? Substansial rain, strong storms, and cooler temperatures including snow in late fall and early winter cause the seeds to germinate and roots to spread. I doubt the tens of thousands of people coming to see the poppies are thinking about the storms that caused the super bloom to happen, we all are just enjoying the beauty of the moment.

Embrace the Storms

What seasons of transformation are you currently going though? Are there places that feel like that have completely died? Are there areas where storms continue to rage? How do we gain confidence to know that these areas of life may just be getting ready to bloom?

I pray you find the rhythm, the cycle, the season of growth and transformation God has you today. May your eyes be opened to see the beauty in whatever season of transformation you are in, remembering there is a purpose to each season.

How would you describe the season you are in today?

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