Spiritual Coaching

What Do You Long For?

Do you long for an intimate connection with God, but there seems to be something in the way? Do you feel you are called to do something more, but aren’t sure what it is? Are you curious about spiritual gifts and how they can become a part of your everyday life?

A Life with Purpose 

You are not on this planet merely to survive. God created you with a purpose and a plan in mind. You are designed and equipped to make a positive impact on the world around you. Jesus reveals His heart’s desire when he teaches his disciples how to pray in Matthew 6:10:

Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.

Matthew 6:10 NIV

As followers of Jesus, we are created with the purpose to pray and release His kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Do you know what that looks like in your life?

A Life with Focus

If we desire to soar with God, we need two wings to fly. One wing is Spirit, the other is Truth.

Knowing the truth; the truth of the word, the truth of who God is, and the truth of who He created you to be. Walking in the spirit; being connected to the Holy Spirit, following His leading, and walking in the gifts of the Spirit. When these two wings are active and engaged, you will be able to move into what God has for you, a life with more clarity, purpose, and focus.

Our spiritual coaching sessions are centered on growing in these two areas.

Your identity as a believer – Truth
Developing your spiritual gifts – Spirit

To Be Seen and Known

The characteristics that determine who a person is; this is the definition of Identity. By knowing who God is, and who you are as His beloved son or daughter, your ability to experience all He has for you becomes the norm, not the exception.

Fully embracing your identity in Christ Jesus means working through any limiting beliefs distorting how you see God and how you see yourself. We all have limiting beliefs. They are the by-product of growing up in a fallen world.

No matter how hard we pray, serve, or try to live out our calling, if we don’t expose our limiting beliefs, allowing God to heal and change our perspective, we will remain stuck. The good news is we can do the work to be free from these lies if we want to. 

To Walk in Power and Authority

The Holy Spirit empowers all believers with spiritual gifts so that we may release Heaven on Earth. When it comes to spiritual gifts, it is not only important to identify the ones which come easily to you, but also learn how to practice and grow in the others.

One key is the ability to recognize and hear God’s voice in all the ways He speaks. Your relationship with God is active and dynamic; He is still speaking today, and He desires to be in conversation with you.

Spiritual Coaching

God has not created us to figure everything out on our own. We all have blindspots, requiring the help of an outside perspective as well as accountability and support. 

If we go to the gym to improve our physical health, where do we go to improve our spiritual health? Who do you turn to when you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for? You turn to spiritual coaching.

How Does it Work?

Your 12 week coaching sessions are 1 hour, in-person or online. Throughout each session I will help facilitate your conversation with God, partnering with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We will focus on the areas of growth God is highlighting for you. This is your space to hear God’s voice, because it is much more powerful when you hear from God yourself.

Homework is assigned each week, helping you continue to focus on and grow in what God is calling you into. This could include reading or videos, as well as activation assignments to focus on through the week. Your homework is where things start to take root, and is an important part of the process.

Apply for Spiritual Coaching

Interested in spiritual coaching? Apply today by filling out our online form. Each and every application will be responded to in the order they are received. NOTE: There are limited number of spots available during each 12-week cycle. Applicants will be placed on a standby list, and when contacted when the next available spot opens up.

Life was good, but I had an obvious desire for more. I could see in others around me they had something I didn’t. They knew God with an intimacy I didn’t understand, and I wanted it! 

Spiritual coaching has been both easier and harder than I expected. I have unlocked skills, truths, dreams, and relationship at a rate I could have not expected or thought to ask for.

Life is so different now. I know, and believe, the Father’s love for me. I have a relationship with the Spirit, and I hear his voice. I have a prayer language. I have a daily routine with God – something I always wanted but felt impossible to achieve. I desire to spend time with Him, rather than feeling obligated to do so. I’m better able to recognize when my identity is lying in things that are not Him, understanding there are tangible steps and a process to repair that.

This has easily been the most significant thing in my spiritual development to date!

– Marike