Spirit Led

Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

As we continue to explore the topic of our three part being, the question we must consider is which of the three parts do you think is leading your life? Aware of it or not, one part of our being is the engine driving our decisions and choices, which in turn directs the course our life will go. Upon close examination most of us will find we give space to each part at particular moments in our lives. Can you differentiate at any given moment which one is leading?

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Spirit Soul Body

Photo Credit: Matthew Cabret

Have you ever heard one of those object lessons that uses a three-legged stool as its example? Everything from team building to politics, finances to psychology has been explained using the humble three-legged stool.

The example seems so worn out. Surely a more interesting analogy can be found to describe anything with three parts. Then again, its power and simplicity in illustrating a point is what makes it so common. Like steering wheels, there’s a reason every car has one; it gets the job done better than anything else.

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