Grow your relationship with God

Through Bible based meditation

Most people struggle to find time to connect with God. We created a bible based meditation podcast teaching you the skills to carve out space, experience peace, and grow your relationship with God.

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What you can expect


Plugin, relax and listen. God does the rest.


Biblically based on the Word of God.


Connect directly with the One who brings life.


Learn skills to reduce anxiety.


Find out Gods thoughts towards you.


Join others who have experienced dramatic changes in their lives.

How it works


You’ll receive a weekly meditation delivered straight to your inbox.


All you need is a quiet space (or a set of noise cancelation headphones) and 30 minutes.


Find yourself engaging with The Spirit of God in a unique and powerful new way.



What Users Are Saying

“I used to struggle with anxiety and fear especially at night. Listening to these meditations at night helped me find peace and easily fall asleep.”

“I carried stress and burdens picked up throughout my day. These meditations have given me the skills to let go of that stress; learning to tune into what the Holy Spirit has to say about The Father’s heart towards me.”

“I grew up with lies that God is mean and only wants to punish me. These meditations have brought healing and released grief. I now have more faith in who God is and less fear approaching Him.”

Why Meditation 

I long for more revelation of your truth, for I love the light of your word as I meditate on your decrees.

Psalm 119:48 – The Passion Translation

For many of us, our minds are in a constant state of business. Always on and often occupied with the demands of life. Meditation not only brings with it a host of health benefits, it is something that should come naturally for us.

You were created for this and we’ll help you learn to quiet the mind and sit with Jesus. He does the rest.




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